How To Slow Aging

The change caused in a person over a period of time is called aging. It can also be termed as a process which is responsible for the physical, psychological and social change in a human being. Aging is an important aspect in a human being, but people today definitely do not want to look their age. Everybody wants to look younger to their actual age. The hectic life style, stress, pollution and etc are various factors put together are responsible for the skin to get dry and look old.  No one wants to age but this is a mandatory process which takes place in every human body. No one is able to escape the process of aging. The symptoms of aging start once those wrinkles start getting visible below the eyes, hair starts greying, body starts shrinking and etc…

There is no way to stop the process of aging but people who are genuinely concerned about this can take necessary precautions to slow the process of aging. These precautions are as follows:

  • Sleep: Late work hours do not let people get a good amount of sleep. People require 7-9hours of sleep at night. People who are sleep deprived tend to feel tired, irritable and unable to concentrate on their daily routine work. This also ends up affecting the skin. Lack of skin is responsible for the dark circles, wrinkles, puffy eye bags and fine lines. Research shows that getting the right amount of sleep is an important step in anti aging. Sleep enable to give a rejuvenated and a fresh look to the face. The most noticeable effects are seen just beneath the eyes. One of the most delicate areas, where the skin is much thinner than the rest of the body. Sufficient sleep is required to maintain a smooth skin texture and a healthy glow.
  • Increase the intake of Antioxidants: Antioxidants are substances which are present in minute amounts and also which inhibit or delay oxidation process. The most important source of antioxidants is provided by nutrition, many belonging to the phenol family. Antioxidants which are received through nutrients are also termed as free radical scavenger. . The tissue levels of the various antioxidants remains limited to research protocols as tissue biopsies are required. Vitamin C also plays a vital role of a water soluble anti-oxidant. The antioxidants and highly nutritive to the human body and In addition to an antioxidant foundation, specific antioxidant nutrients such as magnesium, zinc, vitamin C, carnosine, and especially tocotrienol E are likely to directly benefit the aging process.
  • Exercise: People are well aware of the benefits of exercise. But research has now proved that regular physical activity manages to reduce the inflammation in the skin then slowing down the aging process. Therefore people who exercise regularly manage to look younger to their age as compared to a physically inactive person.
  • Eating well: Smart food choices does not only help to anti age but also adds up years to the human life. However there are other factors concerned with regards to the longetivity of a human life. Nevertheless by following a healthy lifestyle, staying active and eating a nutritional diet, people have managed to slow the aging process upto a great extent.
  • Keep the brain stimulated: Staying alert at all times is a good way to keep the brain stimulated. The brain should be aware of the surroundings at all times. As simple as these sounds, it is very tough to keep the brain stimulated at all times. It is never humanly possible to stay focussed and alert at all times. The brain does tend to wander as people tend to let loose and day dream. But alert people are able to make the right decisions and choices which prove to be an aid in anti aging too.
  • Avoid stress: Stress is the main factor that causing aging. People should ease their stress and work on the solution towards the problem. They should be well aware to maintain a healthy body rather than just worry and look old.
  • Avoid smoking and Alcohol: Smoking and alcohol ages your skin and the rest of the body too.
  • Concentrate on skin care: Drink lots of water and keep the skin hydrated at all times. People should ensure to use the right moisturiser that suits their skin. Try to establish a daily skin care routine and avoid as much of the sun as possible. In case of sunlight, people should keep their face covered so that their skin is well protected. Start using anti aging creams, especially for the area under the eyes. Dark circles under the eyes are the first and prominent signs of aging. Use Hydravella Cream for taking care of the area under the eyes. Hydravella Anti Aging Eye Cream can work wonders and transform old-looking skin to fresh new.

Above mentioned are some of the remedies that people can choose to do the age slowly. Life does not get better if one manages to age with grace. Therefore it is very important to take care of the overall health at all times. Exercise with a good diet plan should be a part of everybody’s lifestyle.

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